June 11, 2009


Jawad's story is similar to many of the Iraqis who left Iraq due to threats and persecution. Jawad and his family lived in Iraq in an area where the situation was highly critical. Sounds of bomb explosions rang in their ears as the hands of the clock ticked by the minute. They were terrified and left when threats got closer and more personal. Jawad and his wife Wala’ feared for the lives and safety of their children and took a few pieces of clothing and some food and fled Iraq.

Today, it's a little over three months since they came to Lebanon. Jawad works as a porter where he returns home every day exhausted, yet thankful for the $10 he earns to cover part of their daily living expenses. The house they live in is very cold and is poorly furnished. They are encouraged by Heart for Lebanon’s visits that show them the love and compassion of Christ. Joyce Meyer Ministries supports Heart for Lebanon’s ministry as they reach out to the needy in that country. Thank you Hand of Hope for helping this family.

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