October 08, 2008


David L. Meyer

On Sunday, Sept 7, Hurricane Ike hit the Northern coast of Cuba, and this only eight days after Hurricane Gustav devastated the region. Never before has Cuba experienced such a short span of time between tropical storms. The provinces of Guantánamo, Holgúin, Granma, Las Tunas, Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey were hit hard. Severe flooding and massive destruction left many homeless. Numerous families have lost everything and are in desperate need of basic necessities. It is extremely difficult to get aid into Cuba but this disaster has given us an opportunity to help these people and to share the Gospel. Joyce Meyer Ministries, partnering with Convoy of Hope, is bringing much needed help and hope to the people of this country during this time of need.

Following is a message we received from Rev. Héctor Hunter Wright, Cuba

“Greetings to our brothers and sisters. We thank you for your help and concern regarding the resent disasters we have gone through. I have seen personally the devastation left by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and it is a sad moment. I would like to thank Convoy of Hope and Joyce Meyer Ministries. They have come to our aid at exactly the time when we needed it. Thank you for your open heart. Thank you in the name of all the children that are being helped.”

For more information visit Hand of Hope.