August 28, 2008


David Wessler
JMM Germany Director
We received this testimony in our office recently. We thought it would be a blessing to you to see what God is doing in Germany.
I became aware of Joyce Meyer Ministries through an article in a Christian magazine. After that I ordered one of the books. I received much encouragement as well as the confirming scriptures which led me to make an important decision for my life. I took courage and ran as a candidate for the position of the mayor of our community. I won this election.
The situation of our political community is extremely difficult. I’m a newcomer without much experience facing a big challenge. My whole life is changing with this step.
This is why I am asking for your prayers that I receive strength and wisdom and that God will bring a positive change into our town in every respect and that all obstacles will be removed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive prayer from your ministry.
I wish you God’s blessing and love.
Bernd H.

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