October 26, 2009

A Special Day in Shams el Deem, Egypt

Shelly Meyer

Providing the basic necessities of life can be very difficult for many families in the remote desert villages of Egypt. Joyce Meyer Ministries, in conjunction with Think and Do, held a special day for poverty-stricken and orphan children from Shams el Deem, Egypt. Almost 200 children were in attendance, along with 31 Sunday school teachers. During this day, the children received free school supplies, audio and video tapes and a lunch meal.

Aida, a 32-year-old housewife whose family participated in this special event, mentioned that she was worried about buying school supplies for her 3 children because her family didn’t have enough money. Due to her husband’s and her own health situations neither one of them were able to work to earn money for the much needed supplies for their children. But through generous donations made by the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, we were able to provide for her family’s needs of school supplies through the Think and Do spiritual day for children. Aida’s children received many school supplies, and other gifts too. They were very happy to have new backpacks and supplies for school, and were very thankful to God and Think and Do.

Thank you Partners for allowing us to help this family and many others around the world in similar situations. Visit our website for information about Hand of Hope.

October 20, 2009

Flooding in Cambodia

Dr.Yem Tevyneath

We have never seen in the history of Cambodia such tremendous storms that have destroyed people’s lives, their homes and the rice fields where they make a living. I could not believe with my own eyes, trees that have been here for hundreds of years were completely pulled up from the ground as well as the many houses that have been completely damaged or collapsed from the storms and flooding. Even the Joyce Meyer Ministries Children’s Home was flooded. Praise God there was not any structural damage, just some clean-up work to do. But in the midst of the flooding, children were still able to go to church and praise God while the flood waters were literally under their feet.
The recent disastrous flooding and heavy storms have resulted in thousands of families living in terrible conditions in Kampong Tom, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, and Ratanakkiri provinces. Please pray for the great needs of the thousands of families among the hundreds of local churches living in these provinces whose lives have been affected.

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October 12, 2009


Ashley Wilkins

JMM Medical Outreach Coordinator

I have just returned from an amazing medical outreach held in our new health center in Pursat, Cambodia. During the one week outreach, we were able to treat 4,363 patients and saw 3,667 salvations!

One of the patients who really stood out to me was a 10 year old boy named Rothtim. He caught my eye because he was crippled. As he walked across the concrete, the tops of his bare feet would scrape the ground with each stride. The tops of his feet were calloused from walking this way his entire life. I knew he needed a pair of shoes. We went to the market and for just $10 US dollars we were able to purchase clean socks and two new pairs of shoes for him. Most Cambodians live on just $1 US dollar per day, making the simple luxury of a pair of shoes not an option.

We washed his dirty feet and put the socks and shoes on him. He jumped up and started walking and the shoes actually acted as a corrective device and immediately he was almost walking normal! He was so happy and kept bowing and thanking us. The smile that stretched across his face was indescribable.

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October 07, 2009


David L. Meyer - follow me on Twitter

Scott Norling, Director of our Southeast Asia office and I were able to get into the disaster zone and help deliver much needed supplies to the victims of the recent earthquake in Padang, Indonesia. Joyce Meyer Ministries has a children’s feeding program not far from here but not one of the kids was harmed by the earthquake, thank God. I personally have never seen so many buildings completely destroyed. In cooperation with local churches, we are showing the love of Jesus to the largest Muslim nation on earth. Thanks for allowing us to be there to help.

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October 06, 2009


David L. Meyer

Today our team from Asia visited the earthquake zone in Indonesia where hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands more are reported as missing. It has also been reported that more than 88,000 homes have been destroyed. What gripped me the most was people checking the list at the government hospital for the whereabouts of their loved ones. Please continue to pray for the families affected by this tragedy.

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October 02, 2009


David L. Meyer

This week we had the privilege of a much anticipated return to Zimbabwe. We have been working there for around eleven years with children but due to political issues, this was the first chance I have had to return since August of 2000. It was great to see how well the children are doing and how happy they seem to be. The picture on the left shows our area coordinator Dave Van Rensberg feeding some of the children we help. Dave is originally from Zimbabwe and has such a heart for these children.

When our South African Director Ron Martin (pictured on the right), realized he was dressed similar to the children in school uniforms, he jumped into the feeding line! It was a fun moment. We feed around 20,000 daily in Zimbabwe. This is a country that has had it pretty rough for the last several years. Thank you Partners for your faithful support that allows us to continue programs like this. God bless you!

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