August 26, 2009


Rescuing One Girl at a Time

Chris Caine

Equip & Empower Ministries

Natasha was trapped in human trafficking and felt hopeless. One evening as she walked the streets waiting for clients, a grenade exploded under her feet. Her traffickers watched from a nearby car while others fled from the scene. She was suffering from severe burns and fragments of a homemade bomb lodged in her leg.

Her traffickers imprisoned her and she began to starve as a result of their neglect and her inability to take care of herself. When her weight dropped to 35kg (77lbs.) she was brought to the outskirts of the city and dumped.

Our team in Kiev heard about Natasha and drove two days searching for her. When we found her, we cared for her and the conversation soon turned to Jesus. She prayed with our team and invited Him into her life!

We are now helping Natasha receive the necessary medical attention for her leg. Please keep her in your prayers. The operations needed in order to save her leg are quite complex.

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August 19, 2009


Pat Laforet

Lifeline Maternity Clinic

With the generous and timely funding from Joyce Meyer Ministries, The Rose Tree Maternity Clinic started admitting pregnant mothers on the 25th of May 2009.

Thus far, Lifeline Malawi Ngodzi Maternity unit has admitted 23 mothers and delivered a total of 16 babies. Three of the patients were taken by ambulance to Salima District Hospital due to fetal distress.

Our head maternity nurse, Violet Pota, reports that the women of Ngodzi love the maternity clinic. It is clean, they feel safe, and their babies were born healthy and problem free. She also indicated that the three that were rushed to the hospital would have never gotten as far as the hospital had they been in that kind of distress trying to give birth in their villages with traditional birth attendants. She is certain that the clinic has already saved lives.

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August 12, 2009


A group of volunteers from the St. Louis Dream Center visited the Veteran’s Hospital in St. Louis to distribute comfort items in gift bags to the patients there. The group was allowed to go room to room to hand out the items, including the intensive care and dialysis units, and they found veterans of all ages in the hospital. They were able to personally tell each person how much we appreciate their service to our country, and our volunteers were touched by the genuine gratitude of the patients as they accepted their gifts. Shaking hands, smiling, encouraging, and words of appreciation can change a life for eternity! Looks of discouragement, pain, and depression were replaced with smiles as the veterans realized that somebody really cared and appreciated them. Visiting family members were surprised to see someone coming in with a free gift of appreciation for their loved ones, and they were comforted to know that Joyce Meyer Ministries and the St. Louis Dream Center appreciate the sacrifices that were made by our veterans and their families so we could enjoy our freedom. 


The teenagers who helped distribute the gifts told us that they had previously not given much thought to the armed forces here or overseas, but suddenly they realized that these are real people with real families who have made sacrifices for their country. The other volunteers agreed that they had been moved by visiting these veterans, and in the future they would be praying more diligently for our military and their families.

Rita Evering

Supervisor, St. Louis Dream Center

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August 05, 2009


Tom McKaskill

JMM Australia/Pacific Rim Director

The prison outreach during the Festival of Life in Papua New Guinea was a tremendous success.

We had a fantastic time ministering to the men and women of Gili Gili Prison, our first prison stop, with 37 of them accepting Jesus. The responses from the prisoners in each of the prisons that followed were incredible and we had tremendous favour from each commanding officer throughout the project.

Daily reports flowed in from each of the other two teams, as they traversed the country visiting the various prisons and establishing great relationships with the inmates and authorities. It was definitely God’s timing for the prisons in PNG.

The highlight of the outreach was Bomana Prison, where Dave and Joyce were able to minister to the prisoners and hand out the hygiene packs to the individual inmates. Dave, Joyce, Stephanie Meyer, the broadcast team and Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Band all handed out the gift bags, giving life and hope to the male and female inmates. The prisoners had made an extra special effort in decorating the oval to a newly constructed stage, and there was also some talk about naming the oval, “The Joyce Meyer Oval,” in honour of her visit.

In all, we visited a total of fifteen prisons, handed out 6,136 prison hygiene packs and books, and saw a total of 971 inmates, as well as two guards, give their lives to the Lord for the first time. Now that is revival!

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