October 31, 2008

Thank You From a Young Boy in Egypt

Ezbet El Nakhl Project – Cairo, Egypt

The feeding outreach in a garbage village on the outskirts of Cairo continues to go well. This outreach touches 250 families and is a tremendous blessing to this poor slum area. This testimony is from a young boy in this garbage city:


When we got the food we were thankful to God because we were going without food for a couple of days and we children asked my mother several times for food to eat, but we didn’t have any. Now we are able to eat and don’t have to feel hungry as much anymore. Thank you for your help.

For more information visit Hand of Hope.

October 22, 2008

Outreach in Ethiopia

Ashley Wilkins

Medical Outreach Coordinator

The medical outreach that we conducted in Ethiopia was a huge success. During the three days of the outreach, we saw almost 3,000 patients and had 100 souls come to the Lord. Our OB/GYN surgeon saved a woman’s life today when she came in and had to have an emergency c-section. There were many complications with her case that the local doctor could not have handled, so since our surgeon was there, the woman lived.

We also witnessed two miracles. We had a ten year old blind boy come in to the clinic. His dad was asking for medicine to make him better. Since there is no medicine for blindness, our prayer team prayed over him for thirty minutes and when he opened his eyes, he could see! He saw his father for the first time in his life and the father just broke down in tears. We also had a twelve year old boy come in with his father. The boy was crippled and could not walk. After getting prayed for, he straightened his crippled limbs and walked out of the clinic!

God is so good. He always shows up and exhibits His great love to the people that come to our outreaches. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness and thank you to everyone who make these outreaches possible!

October 16, 2008

Update from Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda

Former child soliders George, Flavia and David have fun at the children's home in Uganda.

Joyce Meyer and US Ministry Staff

As we’ve toured Africa this month, we’ve seen some pretty disturbing scenes—as well as some pretty incredible things.

In Ethiopia, we saw the agony of malnourished children and the hopeless look on their parents’ faces. The good news is we are blessed with an opportunity to feed these children. By God’s grace we won’t have to see the next generation live in this kind of poverty.

In Rwanda, we followed up on a school we provide a daily meal program and are glad to report that the children are thriving and learning more since their bellies are not empty. The school is having a great impact on the children and the surrounding community.

And in Uganda, we’re spending time at a children’s home where three former child soldiers—two young boys and a girl who’ve seen unspeakable horror in their lives—will live with a house mother, which they desperately need since all their relatives are dead. 

Update October 17, 2008: We've just added a photo of some of the children at the children's village in Uganda.

These are the former child soldiers who we are helping through our partnership with Watato Ministries. George, Flavia and David will soon live at the home with a house mother. 

Each house mother will take care of four girls and four boys. We are so glad to see them laughing. 

October 08, 2008


David L. Meyer

On Sunday, Sept 7, Hurricane Ike hit the Northern coast of Cuba, and this only eight days after Hurricane Gustav devastated the region. Never before has Cuba experienced such a short span of time between tropical storms. The provinces of Guantánamo, Holgúin, Granma, Las Tunas, Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey were hit hard. Severe flooding and massive destruction left many homeless. Numerous families have lost everything and are in desperate need of basic necessities. It is extremely difficult to get aid into Cuba but this disaster has given us an opportunity to help these people and to share the Gospel. Joyce Meyer Ministries, partnering with Convoy of Hope, is bringing much needed help and hope to the people of this country during this time of need.

Following is a message we received from Rev. Héctor Hunter Wright, Cuba

“Greetings to our brothers and sisters. We thank you for your help and concern regarding the resent disasters we have gone through. I have seen personally the devastation left by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and it is a sad moment. I would like to thank Convoy of Hope and Joyce Meyer Ministries. They have come to our aid at exactly the time when we needed it. Thank you for your open heart. Thank you in the name of all the children that are being helped.”

For more information visit Hand of Hope.