June 25, 2008


House Church Pastor
June 24, 2008

The recent earthquake in China was massive and its effects were overwhelming. In partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries, we were able to go directly to the disaster zones to deliver food, tents and other vital necessities.

More than 100 water purification devices have been distributed by the teams to villages in the past two weeks. Each device can purify about 3,000 gallons of water per day. A missionary friend of ours has trained about 50 of our house church workers regarding the installation and use of these systems, and then has provided them to us free of charge. Thank God for the Body of Christ!

In addition, teams have been coming back with testimonies of salvations. And not just a few either. More than 300 people have been saved and added to ten churches which have been started among the victims of the earthquake. God is redeeming multitudes of lives that were completely devastated by the earthquake. Thank you for believing with us, that in the midst of such cataclysmic pain and destruction, God is at work, and He has a plan. He has determined it; He will be glorified.

We are so very thankful for you and your partnership! Please thank your partners as well.
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June 15, 2008


June 12, 2008
Missionaries: Bobby and Sherry Burnette
Directors, Love A Child, Inc.

We want to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries and all your loving partners for the wonderful blessing of the container of food you just sponsored for Haiti. We have already gotten it out of Customs and have been distributing the food to the people.

We share food with other orphanages and missionary organizations, as well as feed our 4,000 school children each day. Due to the famine in Haiti, these people are so very thankful for anything. The people stood in line in the heat of the sun for several hours to receive this sack of food. When they heard our food trucks coming, they put water on to boil over their charcoal fires for the food they would receive.

This is only one of the many villages we feed in Haiti. We cannot possibly thank you enough. Famine is very real here in Haiti...the people call hunger "Clorox," because they would rather die of drinking Clorox than die of hunger...

God bless you and thank you, on behalf of the poor in Haiti.

June 09, 2008


Photo: Adam Middleton, shown first row center.

Adam Middleton

St. Louis Dream Center

Genesis Program

Hi, my name is Adam Middleton and I am going to tell you what God brought me out of.  I took my first drink at the age of sixteen. I would drink in the house with my step-father for a couple of years. When I turned twenty-one, I would go out and buy my own drinks. I started to overdo it by going back in forth to the liquor store on a day to day basis. My drinking got to the point where I became very abusive verbally, physically, and mentally. The clouds started to darken in my life. I became disrespectful to my mom and dad and I was having sex with different young ladies at a very young age. I was out in the streets doing drugs, smoking weed, crack, cocaine, and drinking like a mad man. Neglecting my responsibilities, I started off drinking because I liked the way it made me feel; but, I finally realized I did it because the alcohol and drugs covered up the pain and made me feel like a totally different person. Therefore, I didn’t accept me for who I was. When I came to the St. Louis Dream Center, I came back to Jesus. I’ve been transformed every day since the first day I walked into the Genesis program. By the grace of God, I’m getting better and not bitter.

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June 04, 2008


June 4, 2008
Story from Iran
Middle East Coordinator

While in Turkey this past month, we at Joyce Meyer Ministries met with an Iranian woman from Tehran, Iran. She and her family watch Joyce faithfully by satellite on the Farsi channel. They started to notice that their Muslim maid, who cannot read or write, started moving closer to the living room to dust whenever Joyce was on. She would keep moving closer and closer to the television until she was just a few feet from the screen. She would then disappear when the show ended. The family became nervous because of the increased persecution of Christians in Iran and decided to stop watching Joyce until after the maid was gone, just in case she decided to report them. The next day the maid came at the regular time but the TV was off. She asked, “Why are you not watching the woman?” They gave her some excuse and then started to pay her for cleaning. The maid said, “Keep the money that you pay me until it’s enough so that you can help me to watch the woman in my own house.”

We have heard many stories about the impact “The Woman” is having in the lives of many in Iran. Thank God for Joyce Meyer. Please pray that she will be heard sharing the transforming power of Jesus in every home in Iran.

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June 02, 2008


June 1, 2008

Scott Norling

Director of Joyce Meyer Ministries Asia Headquarters

Kurnool is a small city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Southern India. Our Hand of Hope medical team traveled nearly seven hours to Kurnool and treated 1,542 patients in three different places: Bhuvarapeta, Bhangarpeta and Shareef Nagar. Poor people suffering from diseases such as anemia, vitamin deficiency and diabetes came to this camp. Most of these patients were from extremely poor backgrounds who cannot afford medical treatment. Apart from their physical ailments, many of them suffered from family problems and financial burdens. Our medical team provided each of them medical aid as well as a personal word of hope and prayer. The Go Global Team from the USA conducted a three hour musical concert at the camp each evening and many young lives were touched for Christ.